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MACC Membership System

The MACC Membership System is the second version of MACC Attendance, with much more functions. MACC Attend was developed to assist the Church groups with the monitoring of child attendance at Sunday Schools, where the MACC Membership System not only perform that function, but goes a step further, by now expand to the Members and Partners.

The system can now be used in churches, dancing schools, nursery schools and much more!

Like it’s predecessor (MACC Attend), it is pretty easy to use with functions like:

  • Electronic child capturing on the system.
  • Association of the child with his/her parent(s).
  • Label printing when a child attends, with all the contact and personal information printed on the label, so that when a child develops a problem, you know who the child is and whom to contact.
  • Time- saving swipe attendance for your older children
  • Reports of attendance lists and details can be printed.
  • SMS/GSM communication to children and Members/Parents.
  • SMS/GSM communication groups and grades.
  • You can also track payments/donations made by parents.
  • Keep track of what training Members/Parents did and the same with Children.

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